What is this tranquilized obviousness?


1 We are human beings.

2 Life unfolds one way.

3 Here is all there is.

4 Life is uncertain.

5 You get to choose.

6 It takes two.

7 Your existence has an impact.

8 Language gives us world.

I am in the practice of making a difference. Committed to joy and appreciation. Engaging people to see newly, think differently, have insights, perform intentionally and cause breakthrough results.


I've had the honour of being a part of many high performance teams, producing extraordinary outcomes while working with some brilliant human beings, entrepreneurs and business leaders. 


I am committed to being an adventurer and a thinking partner for what's possible. So far, I have helped build 11 start-ups, accelerated 9 corporate expansions and engaged in 3 successful turnarounds. A few companies I’ve worked with include TELUS Convention Centre, Business Instincts Group, Canada BrokerLink and the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG).