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What is a strategic thinking partner?

Over my career I have had the pleasure, privilege and honour of being involved in micro businesses, corporations, start ups, growth companies and turnarounds. Along the way I have come to believe there are inalienable distinctions or truths:

1. Human beings make or break the business

2. Communication with human beings is key to everything

3. We all want to feel like we belong

4. We all want to be heard, understood and contribute

5. The future is ambiguous

6. Culture is a correlate to strategy and vice versa

I am in the practice of making a difference. I am committed to enjoying the journey and appreciating the ride. I engage people to see newly, think differently, have insights, perform intentionally and cause breakthrough results.


I've had the honour of being a part of many high performance teams, producing extraordinary outcomes while working with some brilliant human beings, entrepreneurs and business leaders.


I am committed to being an adventurer and a thinking partner for what's possible.


So far, I have helped build 12 start-ups, accelerated 10 corporate expansions and engaged in 3 successful turnarounds. A few companies I’ve worked directly for include TELUS Convention Centre, Business Instincts Group, Canada BrokerLink, ATB Financial and the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG).

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